Monday, September 7, 2009

Art Dump

Model study using markers I've grown into since last year I really disliked them.

I owed myself a long time ago, posting artwork that I've done worth showing. I hope to put up more work that are sketches and doodles worth sharing.

Good ol' Frankie's monster, I really enjoyed the uplit challenge on this guy.

Mayan poster, based on a story idea I had still working out the kinks to it before I really start to bring it to life.

First completed drawing in hatching in a long time, I really must get back into practice with the various techniques I know.

Finally some colour! I'm especially proud of this as it was the most difficult piece to accomplish with only a mouse to place highlights and shadows. I'll never neglect my pen tablet again! Well, until I get a slightly bigger one, ow cramp cramp!

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